Return Policy: (As of June 2004 — updated April 2005)

If you order equipment or skin care products from this website you are agreeing to the terms and conditions of this website.

We will only take returns on skin care equipment that is malfunctioning or defective! You must contact us within 48 hours of delivery to notify us the problem. It is your responsibility to inspect the item(s) upon delivery and you must keep all original packaging materials and the piece of equipment must look unused. Email or contact us by phone 1-847-477-1071. If we determine that the piece of equipment is defective then you will be issued a Return Authorization (RA) number prior to return. We will not accept any returns without a RA number. We will only reimburse for return shipping after you send us back the item for inspection, if it is found to be defective from normal usage we will exchange it for the same item only! and credit you for the cost of shipping. (We are not selling the equipment so that you can TRY it. Know before hand why you are purchasing this professional piece of equipment and if you have questions before you purchase it we’ll try our best to answer them.)

7-DAY RETURN PERIOD. All defective merchandise must be returned within 7 days from date of purchase for exchange for same item only. The customer should return the item with receipt to Spa-solution in its original carton, in its original condition and with all the original packaging, instructions, warranties, and accessories. Merchandise returned missing the above-mentioned items will not be accepted for return. We do not issue refunds. Only exchanges or instore credit for the same item. Send the item back with delivery confirmation and a way to track the item. (We are not responsible for items lost or damaged in transit and it is up to you whether or not you wish to purchase insurance for items that may be lost or damaged in shipping.)

7-DAY AND UP UNTIL 30-DAY RETURN PERIOD. There shall be a restocking charge of 20% and we will only exchange, replace or repair the item if we get approval from the manufacturer prior to your returning it to us. Absolutely no goods may be returned to Spa-solution without its consent. Spa-solution, will inspect all claims made under this Limited Warranty to determine the applicability of this Limited Warranty to the claim.

Any attempts to return defective or malfunctioning equipment beyond the 30-DAY period will not be accepted by Spa-solution and you will be required to return it directly to the manufacturer.

Skin care products, Makeup, Lipstick and Mascara are non-returnable consumable products, and once they have been opened, due to strict sanitation policies, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges. We are selling high quality, cosmeceutical skin care products at reasonable prices which permits our customers to try such new and unique products. The products we sell are offered at a price substantially below retail. Spa-solution therefore cannot accept returns or exchanges, or grant refunds on any item.

Our products work best for people who want improvements in their skin and who also are reasonably happy, and realistic people. Cosmeceuticals can often markedly improve your skin and health and your appearance, but cosmeceuticals are not for everyone. If you desire a rapid and guaranteed improvement in skin or hair appearance, we believe you might be better served by techniques such as microdermabrasion, laser-resurfacing, or deep chemical peels.

Any skin care product that we sell that offers a money-back guarantee is an agreement between the consumer and the manufacturer and not an expressed or implied agreement between the consumer and If you wish to return the item to the manufacturer that is entirely your choice.

By the act of entering your payment infomation, each and every customer who places an order with us has agreed to our policies, including our return policy. During checkout, through Paypal there is a statement regarding your agreement with our policies:

We are not offering a try before you buy situation. If you want a FREE SAMPLE of most of our skin care products, simply request it with an order of another product and we will gladly include it in your order. Cosmetics are consumables. “Consumable” means that the items are used or consumed. We cannot exchange or accept returns on skin care or cosmetic items. We cannot re-sell used cosmetics. Any returned items would have to be discarded or destroyed since we cannot offer them again for re-sale. We could not stay in business and continue to offer our low prices if we accepted used product back just to be discarded. Since we cannot guarantee that a product has not been opened and sampled and possible contaminated once it has left our facility, we cannot accept any returns or exchanges even if it is claimed that the product has not been opened or used.

If a customer does not accept their package, returns their package, issues a chargeback with their credit card company, fails to pay duty, taxes, brokerage fees, Customs Fees, and any other associated shipping fees, and these fees get charged back to Spa-solution, Spa-solution reserves the right, and will charge you, the customer, a fee of $50.00 or more, plus any fines, collection expenses, attorney fees, chargeback fees, etc.

If you ordered in error we will exchange only unopened products in original packaging for an in store credit only!

PRINT THIS OUT — DATE AND SIGN BELOW — And include it with your Returned item. Failure to do so will void this contract and we will not be obligated to fufill the terms and conditions of this sales agreement.


I have fully read the terms and conditions of this contract and agree to the conditions as specificied and Return policies.

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